We are a catalyst for connection, inspiring joy and appreciation of diverse cultures through the beauty of the world’s dance and music.


Since its inception in 1988, Vinok Worldance has introduced hundreds of thousands of people throughout North America to the beauty and diversity of global culture.  The company’s repertoire is comprised of dance and music from 60 separate cultures on five continents.  Performances feature live accompaniment by the company’s skilled multi-instrumentalists who often compose or orchestrate the music. The choreographic repertoire is enhanced by Vinok’s extensive collection of cultural costumes, many of which have been made in their countries of origin. 

Founders Leanne Koziak and Doyle Marko created Vinok Worldance following four years of professional dance experience, cultural study and research in Europe. This immersion into aspects of world culture provided the foundation for the continuing artistic mandate and philosophy of Vinok Worldance. In staging their works, Koziak and Marko conceived the choreography as a mirror wherein dance, music, song, and improvisation, act as a way of celebrating life and reflecting the expression of a people.

Described as "Canada’s United Nations of Dance", Vinok has toured numerous productions throughout North America playing to audiences from Yellowknife to Florida, from Newfoundland to British Columbia. Vinok’s educational productions have been acclaimed all the way to California and the company has enjoyed several television broadcasts of its programming. Members of Vinok created and staged Alberta Unity Dance for the official celebrations surrounding the province’s Centennial in 2005 and have toured to festivals in Taiwan and Dubai.

The word Vinok is Ukrainian for the wreath of flowers worn on the head by young women. Koziak and Marko chose this name to symbolize the company because they felt that each flower was like a culture. Just as the a floral arrangement full of different colors and types is more beautiful than a single bloom, the variety of dance and music presented by Vinok embraces and celebrates the rich diversity that makes our world so wonderful.